Where did all the job announcements go?

Important announcement (June, 2014)

We realize that hearing about select job opportunities is an important benefit to all of our members.

You might have recently noticed that you haven’t received any LASTC job announcements, and we want to provide an update on what’s going on and what to expect.

We recently learned that the  “listserverer” email service facilitated by STC, which handles our job announcements as well as numerous other groups and SIGs, has recently ended in order to help cut costs.

The new system, STC’s in-house Mailman services, recently became available but is still not fully operational. We are currently working with STC in getting this service working again.

Since we don’t have an anticipated date on when the jobs mailman service will be available to us, we’d like to ask you, our valued members, if you wish to receive announcements directly from our jobs manager.

If you want to be notified about jobs, please send an email directly to and indicate that you wish to be added to the list. We will make sure you receive future job announcements as they become available.

If you have any other questions, concerns, or comments about our jobs list, please contact us directly at

Thank you!

Looking for a Job…

LASTC posts a list of full-time and contract positions that STC members can receive free of charge by joining the jobs email list. New jobs are emailed to members on the mailing list and announced at LASTC meetings.The job list:

  • Offers businesses a resource for professional technical communicators and writing specialists
  • Provides a continuing service to STC members
  • Promotes technical communication professions of STC members

If you have questions about LASTC’s job opportunities, email Fifi Sherman Klein, our Employment Manager, at

Looking to Hire…

Please send job ads to Employment Manager Fifi Sherman Klein at You may submit permanent or contract jobs to the LASTC jobs mailing list.

  • Include the job ad text in your email
  • Specify whether the job is contract or permanent
  • Include enough information for candidates to follow up quickly on the opportunity