Volunteers Needed

Volunteering for LASTC is a great way to support the organization and gain skills on the way. Some of the opportunities:

  • Welcome meeting attendees and introduce newcomers
  • Help plan our informative meeting programs. Contact presenters, write program descriptions, work with hotel or other facilities, and set up equipment
  • Publicize LASTC activities to our membership and to the public. Create news releases, flyers, and other materials. Promote the chapter to the local business and education communities.
  • Assist in organizing education programs, registering students, setting up and conducting classes. Be a part of this exciting opportunity and get class discounts.
  • Help with one of the regional publications competitions. In addition to qualified judges, we need people to organize entries and plan the gala awards banquet.

There are many other opportunities that come up during the year. For more information, send an email to lastc.info@gmail.com.