What is the Purpose of the LASTC?

December 5, 2016

The purpose of STC chapters is to provide value to members at the local level. The LASTC does this mainly by: Maintaining a website: lastc.org Job notifications via email: lastc.org/resources/jobs/ Periodic dinner meetings with speaker: lastc.org/events/upcoming-meetings/ Serving as guide to the national STC: stc.org Because the LASTC is geographically dispersed – the majority of our […]

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Fresh from STC Summit

May 21, 2016

Jeff here, with another installment on this year’s STC Summit in Anaheim. Arriving at Summit! Admittedly, I did not set up my attendance for maximum success: due to work demands, I was only able to attend one day–Monday–which greatly curtailed my overall experience (Summit is a three-day event, with two pre-conference days). And due to a […]

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Wednesday’s Out of the Box Workshop

May 20, 2016

At breakfast, I re-read the workshop descriptions. The panel, Tech Comm Throwdown: 2 Experts Enter, 1 Winner Leaves, sounded interesting. What was this? It didn’t read like a typical panel description. “Mixing fact and fun, experts debate topics which may include…”—fact and fun? Intriguing. I’m curious what this panel is about; maybe I’ll go. Then […]

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STC Summit—Tuesday’s Workshop Tips

May 20, 2016

From the many choices, I selected these workshops: DevOps Docs: Fast, Great Content for the Cloud Vanessa Wilburn (IBM Corporation) Constantly changing GUI/features; documentation changes need to be as real-time as possible. User stories that address the customer’s needs. Need the right tools to move quickly: Agile; automate as much as possible. Writers attend stand-up […]

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STC Summit—Highlights from Sunday and Monday

May 17, 2016

I climbed the Summit and am enjoying the view! The speakers at #STC16 have shared insightful and detailed information. Here are some tips I’ve picked up so far: Sunday Night Opening Keynote David Rose, shared his view of Internet of Things. David focused on the scenario of Enchanted Objects: ordinary things that function the way […]

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Fine-Tune the Colorful Summit Guide

May 5, 2016

This week I revisited the Summit Guide and focused on Strategy 3. Looking at my highlighted hard copy, I realized I do need a clone—preferably several clones—because there are at least three sessions in each block I want to attend! I re-read the workshop descriptions and paid attention to the tracks. Great news! Some of […]

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Summit 2016 is coming: are you ready?

May 1, 2016

Hard to believe that Summit 2016 is finally around the corner, just two short weeks away. After hearing the location–Anaheim!–was picked shortly after last year’s Summit, I quickly added the dates to Google calendar. I was so grateful to hear that finally Summit was arriving to my back yard in Southern California. Sure, I had […]

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Pay Attention to the Signposts

April 28, 2016

I noticed a surge in emails this week from STC and vendors. With over 30 unread messages, I was tempted to delete these emails. I completed my registration months ago and confirmed my hotel reservation. What could they tell me already? A lot! In focusing on the actual conference schedule, I missed several pre-conference activities […]

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Colorful Guide to Climbing the Summit

April 21, 2016

Wow! What great opportunities at the Summit! Between pre-conference, leadership program, keynote, and the workshops, I have plenty of choices. STC color-coded the Summit Schedule events, making it easy for attendees to quickly identify their interests. And since this attendee loves color, I find the schedule aesthetically pleasing! Early on, I realized I needed a […]

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Interviewing Tips

April 19, 2016

If you’re looking for work, you should definitely research interviewing and do the smart things: show up on time, dress appropriately, research the company (so when the interviewer asks, “so do you have any questions for me”, you do), be enthusiastic, answer the questions they ask but work your strengths into the conversation somehow, clean […]

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