Summit 2016 is coming: are you ready?

by Jeffrey Kreger on May 1, 2016

Hard to believe that Summit 2016 is finally around the corner, just two short weeks away. After hearing the location–Anaheim!–was picked shortly after last year’s Summit, I quickly added the dates to Google calendar. I was so grateful to hear that finally Summit was arriving to my back yard in Southern California.

Sure, I had opportunities to attend previous Summits. But work and other obligations prevented me from making the bigger commitment that a plane trip requires. Since it’s in Anaheim, I can now make the trip by car and still be able to handle job and family duties if needed. I’m excited!

Since this is my first Summit, I plan to make the most of it. Sherri Henkin already provided a great writeup on how she’s going to tackle Summit, and even provided a useful roadmap on important meetings to attend. But there’s so much more, and everyday I see a new email of other exciting activities that I don’t want to miss at this year’s Summit.

I often tell folks that I learned how to become a technical writer through a certificate I earned at UCSD Extension, but I found peers and work through my involvement with my local STC chapter. I owe so much to STC, and attending Summit is just one small way of giving back to an organization that has helped me out so greatly. Besides, I have friends that I want to see and catch up with, some of whom travel across the country and even from overseas.

I’m planning on attending as many workshops as possible, especially those on Adobe tools and writing API documentation. I also wish to visit with my peers from the Lone Writer SIG, a group I’ve been a member of since my first day of STC membership.

Stay tuned–I plan to blog at least a few more times on the sights, sounds, and other details I encounter at Summit 2016 in Anaheim. I hope some of you plan to attend, as it should be a great time!

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