Climbing the Summit

by Sherri Henkin on April 15, 2016

No, I’m not prepping for a climb up Mt. Everest. I don’t go for exotic mountain climbing. I prefer small scalable hills. So I’m prepping to climb the STC 2016 Summit! For the first time in eight years, I can attend this international conference in my backyard…since I extended my Los Angeles backyard to Anaheim! Not only will I attend the Summit, but I’ll be in my childhood hero’s neighborhood: Mickey Mouse, here I come!

As with any climb—or trip to a summit—I prepare myself physically and fiscally. With the STC Summit, I also prepare professionally. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • registered in January
  • booked hotel–easier than commuting daily on the freeway (aka slow-way)–from LA
  • set aside the funds for the hotel payment
  • checked my supply of business cards
  • volunteered for onsite activities
  • reviewed the schedule and highlighted potential workshops to attend
  • walking on my treadmill daily to train for the walking and running around the conference center

And a non-traditional activity: I volunteered to receive items my SIG (Technical Editing) needs at the Summit. I set those packages aside as they come in. I enjoy receiving these boxes…like a kid receiving holiday gifts! We have a special game in store for folks at the Technical Editing SIG welcome table!

I know that there’s more to do as I get closer to the May 15, 2016 start date. I’ll add to my action list. Besides visiting Mickey, I might explore other activities around Anaheim. And I’ll re-review the workshop list, yet be prepared for last-minute changes.

Once at the Summit, I’ll post about the activities fairly real-time. Follow along!

Interested in climbing the STC Summit with me? There’s still time to register; visit the Summit website.


Posted by the LASTC Summit Reporter, Sherri Henkin

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Scott Wilson April 19, 2016 at 10:01 am


Sounds like you’ve really done your preparation!

What sessions are you planning on attending?

Scott Wilson
LASTC President


Sherri Henkin April 19, 2016 at 11:30 am

@Scott–I’m not sure yet. I’ve only reviewed the schedule at a high level. Stay tuned for more info in my next blog post!


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