Discussing LinkedIn at the Burbank Lunchtime Forum with Matt Moran!

by Maria Collis on October 9, 2014

Matthew Moran will entertain you and keep you engaged no matter what subject he holds forth on. A productivity and efficiency coach, LAUSD parent activist, and singer-songwriter, among other things, Matt was invited to speak at yesterday’s Burbank LASTC lunch about using LinkedIn and other social media effectively. Many of us, especially those who are in between jobs or working as freelancers, wonder how to crystallize our skills, experience, and passions into a single page on LinkedIn. Well, Matt’s resume is as varied and hard to boil down as anybody’s, and he had some great tips for tackling that problem and others:

  1. Simplify your LinkedIn profile. Matt has honed his intro paragraph down to a few bullet points to hook the reader. (Nobody wants to slough through a big block of text, especially online.) If you succeed in getting the reader’s attention, he or she will be more likely to scroll down and read about all your wonderful accomplishments in detail. See Matt’s LinkedIn profile for a great example.
  2. Matt rarely makes his first contact through LinkedIn. If he sees a posting that interests him, he will look up the direct contact information of the company or individual who made the posting and call them up.
  3. When Matt does connect with someone via LinkedIn, either through their solicitation or his own, he always follows up with a standard “nice to connect” message. He customizes the message with references to things in the other party’s profile that interest him and that might be relevant to their working together. Matt says that most people write back and say they have NEVER gotten a personal response to a LinkedIn request before.
  4. Posting, blogging, writing articles–essentially being visible and active–on social media sites like LinkedIn is what boosts your presence. If you publish an article anywhere, post about it on LinkedIn. Then ask potential clients to give you feedback on the article. This was my favorite tip!
  5. Public speaking is also an important way to get seen and known. And, of course, let your colleagues on social media know about those public speaking engagements.
  6. Matt recommends blogging as a basic activity. He’s an advocate of video blogging, too. Make it personal, like you’re talking to a friend. You don’t have to come up with an Einsteinian idea every day, either. If you read an article, see a movie, have a conversation (whatever, you get the idea) that gets you thinking, you can blog about that. Just don’t be boring.
  7. Regarding using social media to look for work: Matt says that the absolutely last resort of an employer is a public posting for a job. And employers will purposely list unreasonable qualifications for a publicly posted position to weed out as many applicants as possible from the start. So, work those social media connections to try to get referrals and recommendations from people on the inside.

We had a great time at the Buchanan Arms yesterday. Thanks again to Matt Moran, Jeff Kreger and Ray Chang for a fun and inspiring afternoon.

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Lorraine Cooke October 20, 2014 at 3:52 pm

Maria – Thanks so much for this write-up of Matt’s presentation. I wasn’t able to attend and really appreciate this!
Lorraine Cooke


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