Accessing the Intercom PDF Archive on the STC website

by admin on August 19, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoyed getting the STC Intercom magazine back in the “good old days” when it was mailed to you as part of your membership dues.

Intercom is no longer free if you want it mailed to you, but digital (PDF) copies are still free. You just have to go get them yourself from the STC website.

Notes: You need valid login credentials on the STC website to access the Intercom PDF archive. If you are using a device with a touch screen, make the necessary adjustments to the instructions.

To access the Intercom PDF archive on the STC website:

1. Open a web browser and navigate to

2. Hover over Publications, then slide down and select Intercom.

3. Click on the link to the PDF archive that is in the fourth paragraph of text on the page. The link ( is mixed in with the text of the paragraph.

Note: If you are already logged in to the Intercom website, not the main STC website, this link takes you directly to the Intercom PDF archive.

4. On the page that appears (for those of you who aren’t already logged in to the Intercom website), ignore the link in the text paragraph on the page; it doesn’t work. Instead, locate the purpleish menu bar near the top of the page, go to far right end of it, and then click on the Login link.

5. Enter your STC login credentials (Username and Password), then click the Login button.

The page for the current issue of Intercom displays. If you’re just looking for the current issue, good news, you found it.

7. To view recent issues, look on the right side of the page in the Archives column. There you will find links to the websites (not the PDFs) of recent issues.

8. If you still want to get to the Intercom PDF archive, there are two links on this page. The first is on the right side about halfway down. Find the link cleverly labeled View PDF Archive (the link points to; the link takes you to the Intercom PDF archive.  And if you navigate to the bottom of the page, in the Meta column, clicking Download Full PDFs also takes you to the Intercom PDF archive.

9. Once you get to the Intercom PDF archive, normal PDF-on-a-website rules apply: click to view a PDF in your web browser, right click to get a menu (select Save link as to download a copy to your local system).

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