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LASTC Council Dinner Meeting 03 19 13

by Matthew Weiss on March 21, 2013

LASTC COUNCIL ELECTION: Ballots going out soon

Over pizza and candy at Tuesday night’s Council dinner meeting, held once again at Pam Wilkes lovely West L.A. home, enthusiasm was running high over the prospect of presidential candidate Jeffrey Kreger taking over the big seat. Current President Karen Bergen, who will be stepping down after five years, applauded the notion, with Treasurer Betsy Suttle cheering on. Betsy will be seeking reelection; Pam Wilkes will be giving up her position as Vice President of Programs (“It’s time,” she said), leaving that slot on the ballot open to anyone interested in running for the position. A candidate is also needed for the office of Vice-President of Membership, which will become vacant when candidate Kreger presumably assumes the Presidency. If anyone is interested in running for either of those two positions (VP Programs and VP Membership), please contact the Council at your earliest possible convenience.

Candidate Kreger

Candidate Kreger


Also discussed were numerous upcoming events including Dinner Meetings with presentations by Neil Perlin, Rachel Thompson, Emma Kang and others on a variety of relevant, compelling topics. New venues such as Silverlake’s landmark French restaurant Taix are being considered, as well as the acquisition of assorted additional technologies to enhance our capacity for webinar presentation and broadcasting. But a big question on everyone’s mind was how we might increase live attendance at these evenings, as opposed to playing largely for the online audience at home. Not only would this help cover organizational costs, but a larger in-house crowd tends to generate increased levels of excitement and immediacy to heighten the overall experience for all parties involved, whether physically present or watching on a computer in the privacy of their office or living room. As we all know, there’s nothing like being there in person, yet so many of us choose the virtual alternative of tuning in via the internet. The reasons are obvious: time constraints, expense, the repellent specter of round-the-clock Southland traffic we all suffer through enough as it is.  But in the predominantly solitary environment of technical communications work, surely there must be some incentive to actually get out there and mingle every now and then.  How do we stimulate that primal impulse, that ubiquitous tribal urge that probably had a lot to do with us becoming communicators to begin with? Please leave any related thoughts or ideas in the Comment Box below — all contributions are greatly appreciated!


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Rachel Thompson April 30, 2013 at 9:04 am

Something we could consider is “events” for our members to attend, such as:

1. A sunset reception with appetizers and cocktails at the J Paul Getty in West L.A.
2. Selecting one of the evenings from the Speaker series at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, holding a reception beforehand and having the speaker visit with us for 15-20 minutes
3. An evening at the Hollywood Bowl, with a picnic at one of their offsite locations before the event.

Just some ideas to help shake it up, get people interested in attending so hopefully that will increase interest in regular dinner/presentation meetings.

Rachel Spencer Thompson


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