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by Lorraine Carlson on August 8, 2012

Recently, I engaged the web tutorial services of This blog post will highlight the pros and cons of my experience.


  • You can try out free for 7 days, purchase a one-month subscription, or annual subscription depending upon your needs.
  • offers an extensive library of courses (1,422 courses to be exact) in the areas of animation, business, photography, video, web design, and much more.
  • Web tutorials are accessible at any time from your home computer with the flexibility to complete courses in part or in whole at your leisure.
  • Course tutorials are developed and instructed by experts in the subject matter. I was very pleased with the SQL Essential Training and Microsoft Access courses that I participated in.
  • Course tutorials satisfy the needs of learners at all levels of instruction from beginner to advance.
  • Many courses come equipped with exercise files, which can be accessed for an additional fee by purchasing a premium monthly or annual membership. I accessed exercise files for the three courses I completed and found them to be extremely helpful and illustrative.
  • Certificates of completion are available for download or printing.


  • The largest drawback to’s services lies in the inability to download web tutorials. All courses are only accessible by online video streaming. If video streaming does not meet your needs, training CD-ROM’s are available for purchase.
  • Video streaming can be slow with frequent pauses in the narration depending upon your internet connection. suggests pausing the video enabling the entire movie to download before resuming play. I did this with each tutorial I watched and, for the most part, I did not have trouble streaming video with a 3G Wi-Fi connection. However, there were a few times when the video froze, and I was forced to log back in to the site and restart the tutorial.
  • At $37.50 (monthly) or $375 (annual), the cost of’s premium membership is a bit high. I found the exercise files quite helpful, but do not think they are worth an additional $12.50 per month.
  • Some courses are lacking in enthusiasm and motivation. For example, the SAP Crystal Reports Essential Training course I took was dry and difficult to get through. The instructor was knowledgeable and presented thorough and relevant content, however, the delivery was monotonous losing the audience’s attention.

In summary, I will continue to subscribe to’s web tutorial services from time to time to expand my knowledge and sharpen skills with various tech comm and data analysis software tools as I truly did find the experience helpful.

I would like to see offer a download feature to their services in the future as streaming video was the most frustrating part of my experience.


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